An Old Comic I Drew

While rummaging through the enormous cache of old drawings and projects on my hard drive, I came across an old comic starring a monkey-man named Maxis. The comic isn’t that impressive. There are grievous errors in its layout, which a teacher and a fellow student were gracious enough to point out. So egregious were these errors that I –apparently- deemed the comic unsalvageable. Naturally, it went the way of all such failed projects and took up permanent residence in my “Archives” folder. I thought I’d amuse myself, and garner a bit of ridicule by posting it here in its entirety.

Pretty basic stuff eh?. Well see, the thing is, Maxis has actually gone through some changes . This is what he looks like now :

As I’ve said he’s changed a lot but it’s mostly physical changes (thought even this design may be slightly altered). He still retains his aloof apathetic attitude.  Anyway, I plan on doing a remake of this comic, using the same basic story yet a bit more fleshed out. There’s this pseudo- cell shaded style I’ve wanted to try out, and this could be the project to try it on. As for genre just think “Pirates of Dark Water” meets “One piece” meets “Dungeons and Dragons” with a steam-punk twist. Stay tuned!

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  1. Claude Morris says:

    I do the same thing with the picture that comes out of the panel, I dont know i just makes it look more interesting ^^ I like it no words it gets straight to the point and its funny.Please make more like these. XD

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