Submitted for those who are curious about the goings on behind my artistic life, (as if I have a life outside that category) it’s the grand opening of my new art blog!  It’s basically just a never-ending stream of artistic babble, highlighting my progress as I climb my way up the artistic mountain. I’ll try to keep my posts short, though I doubt they’d be long anyhow, considering I don’t like to talk much. The ugly colors and design are temporary, until I can figure out this thing. I’m thinking of posting at least once or twice a week depending on time, but I can make it less or more often depending on your threshold in tolerating my shameless self- indulgence.

Feel free to leave any comments, requests, and suggestions in the comment section of the page. You can even connect through facebook!

I guess I’ll kick this thing off with my first quick doodle I finished. There isn’t much I can say about it that I haven’t already on my DA page http://sal-o-mac.deviantart.com/

Practice number 001 of 999

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